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gary-chan-YzSZN3qvHeo-unsplashPeople are filling the earth with waste and it does not seem to be slowing down. We have turned to landfills to find a place for all of the trash, but even those are running out of room.  As a society, we have not yet determined a solution to our problem, but we discovered ways to reduce the garbage, increase recycling and help reduce our carbon footprint.

It's easy to throw all of our waste into one bin for trash removal, but when we do, everything ends up in the landfill including paper, plastic, and cardboard.  However, recycling even just a ton of cardboard reduces landfill space by over nine cubic yards.

Orwak is in the business of helping companies implement affordable and practical waste reduction solutions that are good for the environment and the bottom line. Orwak Trash Compactors and Balers have helped thousands of businesses improve productivity, reduce trash volume, enhance profitability, and save the environment.

We are proud to present a comprehensive product portfolio of reliable, quiet and sophisticated waste compactors and balers.  We manufacture more than 20 unique designs to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries.  All of our products feature state-of-the-art technology for top performance, reliability and ease of use.  

solar binOur goal has always been to help the environment and we are proud to announce the release of our brand new Solar Street Bin that uses solar technology. 

Solar Street Bin Key Benefits:

- Compaction Reduces Litter Collection Visits by up to 90%
- Eliminates Overflowing Bins & Costly Emergency Clean-ups
- Allows Identification & Collection of Bins Requiring Service
- Zero Running Costs
- No Hand Hygiene Concerns
- Reduces Emissions
- CE Certified

Some people may see recycling and sorting waste as just one more thing they have to worry about, but our products are available to help you with the process.   With our products, all you and your customers will need to worry about is throwing your waste and recycling in the correct bin and the products help give back to the environment.

For more information, download our NEW product guide.  We are happy to schedule a time with you to answer any questions you may have about our products.

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