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Some mysteries are good - even desirable. For example, a well written murder mystery can be both entertaining and thrilling. Not knowing is half the fun. However, when it comes to significant, long term purchases, nobody wants unexpected "surprises."

Today's buyers want to know how price quotes are calculated. This blog was written to explain the six factors that go into price quotes for Orwak trash compactors and cardboard balers.   

Pricing Shouldn't be a Mystery

Pricing Page on

At Orwak North America, we offer full transparency when it comes to pricing.  Unlike many of our competitors, we provide retail pricing on our web site - - for the world to see.  We know that for many of you this is the first time purchasing a trash compactor and/or cardboard baler. Unless you have spoken with a colleague or talked to a sales person in the past, you may have no idea what different types of trash compactors and balers cost.

We also know today's buyer does their research before picking up the phone. By posting retail pricing on our web site you have an idea of what to expect before you ever speak to a single member of our team.

Also, custom price quotes are always lower than retail pricing. So, rest assure, you will never pay retail on a custom quote.  

The six factors that go into custom quotes for Orwak compactors and balers:

  • Available Recycler Rebates - for baled cardboard, plastic, paper and/or aluminum commodities
  • Current Company Promotions
  • Inventory Level - For the model you are requesting
  • Packaged Deals  - Two types of machines and/or machine and supplies ordered together
  • Volume Pricing 
  • Payment in Full Versus Lease Purchases

Listed below is additional informaton about each of the six factors mentioned above.


Factor #1:  Available Recycler Rebates
REBATE with cash.png
Recycler rebates apply to baler purchases only. Recycler rebates, or payments for commodites like cardboard, plastic, paper and aluminum are paid out for baled commodities only. Baled commodities often sell for a premium; unbaled are often not purchased at all by recyclers. The size of your monthly rebate varies by geography, current commodity pricing and number of pick-ups needed each month.

Factor #2:  Current Company Promotions

Orwak promotions are offered at different points throughout the year in order for our team to generate additional sales activity. Sometimes promotions are offered on supplies, other times on trash compactors and cardboard balers. Sometimes it is a discount, other times it is a credit towards a future purchase.  Hint: They are most commonly offered around the holidays and are posted on the home page of

supply and demand.png

Factor #3:  Inventory Level

As with most retail businesses, the level of inventory can effect pricing.  Items are more likely to be discounted when there is more inventory available. On the flip side, when inventory is low, or on back-order, prices will not be discounted much if at all. It's a simple case of supply and demand.

Factor #4:  Package Deals
Often times customers will purchase two types of machines at once (a baler and a compactor) or they will order a machine with supplies or a starter kit. (Starter kits include supplies and dolleys for moving bags or bales.) These are package deals. When more than one type of machine is ordered at the same time or a machine is ordered with supplies, or a starter kit, we can offer all items at a reduced price.
Ordering both a compactor and baler at the same time is actually quite common with customers who have a high volume of trash and recycled material. They will buy a baler to reduce overall trash volume and to bale the commodity (which is often picked up by a recycler). They buy the trash compactor to decrease the remaining trash to an even smaller volume thereby decreasing the number of trash pick-ups needed each month even more.

Factor #5:  Volume Pricing

The more machines you buy, the better the pricing. It only takes 2 for the discounting to begin.

Factor #6:  Payment In Full Versus Lease Payments

When you receive a quote from Orwak, you will see a few options that include payment in full to leasing.  When you pay in full (either with cash or credit card), therepaid-in-full-stamp.png are no additional costs to you other than the interest on your credit card. Leasing includes interest, but it enables you to pay off the debt in smaller monthly amounts over a longer period time - typically 12, 24, 36 or 60 months. Leasing also qualifies you to write off the entire purchase under Section #179 of the tax code.

 Calculate Your Monthly Payment Options!

Orwak North America offers a multitude of purchasing options to make owning an Orwak compactor and/or baler affordable to businesses of all sizes.

The four most popular ways to pay for an Orwak compactor or baler is:  

  • Buy (direct purchase)
  • Rent
  • Lease
  • Lease-to-Own
To estimate your monthly payment options, visit our online financing calculator or email us at
Listed below is an example of what you can expect for equipment priced at $4,000. 
Finance calculator.png

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