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Household-waste-on-a-blue-background.-1058519598_2177x1382Every year, billions of dollars are spent creating the packaging used to house our everyday products.  From cardboard boxes to plastic packaging to cartons, packaging comes in all shapes and sizes.  Once the product is removed, the question becomes, what do we do with the left over packaging?

Recycling is a standard practice of many businesses, but that does not mean they are recycling well.  There are plenty of large recycling bins and dumpsters, which can house packaging of all sorts without requiring the package to be broken down.  These bins are a great solution when you do not know what to do with the bulk, but for every sq ft used, that means more money out of pocket for you and your business.  One solution to deal with excess packaging is a commercial baler.

A commercial baler from Orwak is a great way to deal with large quantities of packaging waste by compressing the material into a tight, compacted form known as bales.  Our balers are also quiet, streamlined and provide many different benefits for any business including:

  • Low operating height requiring little space
  • Creating a cleaner and safer work place
  • Are environmentally friendly and leave a small carbon footprint

Businesses may also gain an advertising benefit with the local community. This day in age, people and other businesses are making purchases that align with their personal values.  If your business can show that they are committed to the environment and reducing their carbon footprint with their recycling efforts, customers and businesses may be more likely to purchase from you and refer you to other friends and colleagues.

heap-stack-bundle-of-brown-bow-trash-recycle-ideas-concept-935110168_2125x1416Orwak balers are able to bale different sizes of waste allowing for little preparation of the material before tossing it in.  For example, here are the few simple steps required in order for cardboard to be ready for the baler.  To prep your cardboard, simply cut out all food-soiled stains since the stains prevent an item from being recycled. Next, load the cardboard into the baler and let our baler do the rest!  It is as simple as that!

Sure, the recycling and re-manufacturing process still takes energy, but for example, recycled cardboard creates 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution then brand new paper and cardboard.  Cardboard can also be recycled up to five times and eventually turned into compost at the end of its lifecycle.  Since cardboard typically does not go through a bleaching process, it continues to be environmentally friendly by limiting toxic runoff during its recycling process.

Cardboard is just one example, but did you know that our balers can handle a variety of different waste products?  Did you know items like milk jugs and motherboards can be compacted and baled?  Take a look some other products that our balers can help you tackle:

  • Cardboard, Newspaper, and Paper 
  • Cartons and jugs
  • E-Waste and motherboards
  • Full Plastic Bottles and Cans 
  • Non-Ferrous metals
  • Plastics (All Types) 
  • Textiles 

Still unsure if a baler can be your solution to your nontraditional waste needs?  Here is a story from one of our customers who used a baler for milk jugs.

Compacted milk jugsHMSHost, the company who manages the nine Starbucks at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, was going through approximately 2600 plastic milk jugs and syrup containers every week.  With over 90% of their waste produced being these plastic jugs and containers, they knew they needed a solution to reduce the bulk, but still recycle the products.  Their solution, an Orwak 3110 vertical baler.  Now, they can compact 350 milk jugs into one 60-80 pound rectangular bale in as little as 33 seconds.  Their investment in an Orwak baler has kept approximately 135,000 milk jugs, or about 7.5 tons of plastic milk jugs and syrup containers, out of landfills.

Join our customers who are leading the way in recycling and let a commercial baler from Orwak help you re-use and re-purpose your waste.  Contact us for more information about our Balers & Compactors and let us help you to discover the solution for you! 

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