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john-cameron-FMrZLPdDyx4-unsplashDid you know that the average person generates almost six pounds of trash a day? Just in the US alone, that amounts to more than 700,000 tons of trash produced every day or over 60,000 garbage trucks.

When the products we purchase are made, a large amount of materials and energy are consumed meaning that much of the environmental impact happens before the products even reach our hands.  Why?  Because raw materials are taken directly from the earth, moved through production and transported to the final destination.  Once the product reaches our hands, the most effective way that we can reduce the environmental impact is through waste reduction and management.  This helps consumers and businesses to not only save the environment, but save money.

At Orwak, not only are we in the business of helping companies find trash and recycling solutions that fit their needs, but we are also in the business to educate.  We want all consumers to understand that by reducing the amount of trash we throw away and increase the amount we recycle, we are able to help save the environment. 

charles-koh-FuV0TOMzySc-unsplashOur customer HMSHost, one of the world's largest providers of food, beverage and retail services for travelers, was looking for ways to manage waste (particularly milk jugs) and save the environment.  Rick Moore, the HMSHost Starbucks Manager, performed an informal waste audit to assess the composition of their trash. He discovered that over 90% of the "trash" generated was from milk jugs and syrup containers. With that much plastic in the waste stream, a recycling initiative was their first course of action and an Orwak Baler was their solution.  With the Orwak Baler, each year the company has kept approximately 135,000 milk jugs, or about 7.5 tons of plastic milk jugs and syrup containers, out of landfills.  

From pre-sales advice through to the selection process and post sales support, Orwak North America is your company's ideal turnkey waste management solution and answer to helping to save the environment. 

Even little changes in how we live our lives can contribute to saving the environment.  Here are some helpful ways to reduce your waste in your everyday life:

  • Use reusable shopping bags to reduce the amount of plastic bags ending up in the trash
  • Opt out of physical mail wherever possible
  • Cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions and opt to read them online. Shop ebooks instead of paperback
  • Get creative with presents and the wrapping of presents to reduce the environmental footprint of each item
  • Buy in bulk and choose items with minimal packaging. Even better, bring your own.
  • Use reusable mugs and cups for coffee and avoid bottled water and canned sodas
  • Buy from companies that use environmentally friendly packaging whether in size or recyclability
  • Shop your local farmers market. Return your empty egg and berry containers to the farmers market for reuse.
  • Use old clothes and rags for cleaning instead of paper towels
  • Make your own non toxic cleaners or shop a company who already makes them for you
  • Use a compost pile for all of your leftover food fixings and floor sweepings
  • Try to avoid purchasing disposable products

For more information about our products, download our NEW product guide.  We are happy to schedule a time with you to answer any questions you may have about our products.  

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