Ever wondered if a cardboard baler or trash compactor could have an impact on your trash removal costs? 

Wait no more. Use our online ROI Calculator to estimate just how much you can save each year by removing and baling recyclables from your trash.

The results will astound you.

Simply enter a few inputs and the ROI calculator will do the rest. Your custom results will include estimated savings and estimated costs of trash removal over the next five years with and without a baler. 

Get an idea of what your results could look like. The numbers in the chart below are based on 4 pick-ups a week or $4200 a month in pick-up costs without a cardboard baler. With a cardboard baler, costs drop to $2520 a month plus $167 for the monthly cost of the baler.

Check out the ROI calculator for yourself. You deserve to know what you've been missing. 

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